Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A First

The first yes finally the first blow out win of The Jim Zorn Era. Oh how satisfying it was. Honestly the reason it was so utterly satisfying was because even though it was the Raiders who mind you have beaten respectful teams this season includinig the Eagles and Bengals it was a dominating performance with tons of key players and Pro Bowlers that were still missing. This team has really played hard and really stuck together. And yes we are way out of the playoff hunt but that does not mean these next three have no value. We have the opportunity to ruin playoff opportunities to two rival divisional opponents. Absolutely can't wait to have the Giants and Eagles back in Fedex to embarrass them. And yes I said it. We will beat one of these two teams if not both of them. To hell with it WE WILL beat both of them. Yes it is easy for me to say that.. the Redskins have played good solid football for about a month now and yes the Cowboys are slumping, and the Giants defense just got rained on by Philly. So what at 4-9 the Redskins in my opinion are a team you don't won't to face. They are scary because there is nothing to lose and there is everything to gain if I were a Giants or Cowboy fan. I could really go into the offseason with a smile on my face if we came away with these next three games. Now hold up now Trevor what about our draft picks. You know what I have to say to any so called "Redskin fan" who sits there and hope for us to lose? F- You. That tears me up that a person that calls themselves a Skins fan and roots for that. I want to build, I want momentum into next season, and I want this team to really feel confident that we can win. I for one know that Jim Zorn is most likely gone, and by past history Jason Campbell might be gone (which would be an epic mistake by the way). However over the past month I have really seen this team shine and click. Honestly the past few weeks I expect the offense to put up points. I expect the defense to make stops. That is because we have really shown up and played some good football. Now to some give some love to the players that really shined last Sunday.

Jason Campbell- I can't stop giving this guy love. Honestly he is becoming one of my favorite Redskins and I will be very upset if Danny and Vinny show him the door at the end of this season. 2nd game in a row he has over a 100 QB rating, absolutely solid Jason keep it up !

Ganther and Mason- Again Ganther just runs hard and pushes piles I love it. That is Redskins football that I missed. He got 2 well deserved TD's in his first professional start which is awesome. Mason impresses me with his hard and quick running I really have been impressed with both of these guys.

Gano- made 2 FG's and crushed some kickoffs. Great start to what hopefully might become a consistent kicker for the Skins which we most desperately need. Good job.

London Fletcher- Put this man in the PRO BOWL! Second in the NFL in tackles, he is the coach of the defense on the field, an absolute stud who doesn't show boat and deserves to be in the Pro Bowl. I will be so upset for this guy if he doesn't make it this year. The NFL is such a popularity contest it's awful.

Brain Orakpo and Andre Carter- I brought Brian Orakpo up last week for Def. Rookie of the Year. I was told he was 3rd. Well after his dominating performance Sunday I should think he has got this award all but wrapped up. Great job Brian 4 sacks! Hasn't been done by a Rookie since 1987 impressive stuff. He is the future of this defense. Andre great job as well really got after it and is tied with Orakpo with 11 sacks on the year. As of right now Brian and Andre are no. 1 in the league in tandem sack counts. Oh and by the way Albert Haynesworth wasn't playing and this team banged out 8 sacks which has only happened 5 times for the Redskins. Wow. Oh and Lorenzo Alexander is sick he has impressed me so much filling roles in the defensive line and on special teams with those hard hits.

Other than that this team really played well and dominated. I'm very happy for Jim and the whole team they really deserved a win like this. I'm excited for these next few weeks. The next two games are prime time and they will be very hype. We can win if we play the way we have been playing I guarantee it. Great win Skins keep it up. I'm out.

Hail From Haupt!

Monday, December 7, 2009

And The Saints Came Marching In

Another frustrating loss for the Skins yesterday as we let yet another game slip through our hands. Most Redskin fans didn't give us a shot in hell to come away with a win in this game and I doubt a lot of fans really gave us a shot to be competitive in this game. Well we were we fought hard and with some unfortunate plays really should have won this ball game. This loss however could in fact be nailing Zorns coffin even more, and hopefully marching Vinny Cerrato out the door. Besides all that lets give some positives and negatives about the game.
Jason Campbell:
I will say this here and mark my words. JC is a solid quarterback. I really don't know what Washington fans expect out of this guy. He is playing behind a beat up offensive line and really besides the past few weeks no one to throw the ball too. I'm not preaching that this guy is an elite quarterback in the NFL because I'd be lying but he is a good quarterback and besides us giving him criticism week in and week out is respected by players and coaches around the league. Jason played a hell of a game yesterday besides the one interception really should have shut people up. The Redskins were the 2nd team this year to drop 30 on the Saints defense. And if we were to make a QB switch who honestly would want to deal with the hits that JC takes. The man is a warrior, he blacked out on a hit the other week, he stands up in the pocket, he runs for first downs when needed and really leads this team with what he has. Give him solid O-line, healthy wide recievers that will get open and then judge him. Great game Jason.
Cartwright, Ganther: These guys just are impressing the hell out of me. Both are not starting running backs in the NFL but since Portis went down these guys have been running with a passion. They run hard, they hit the holes and even with this depleted offensive line are really making solid yards every time. Maybe they weren't noticed that much yesterday but they gained yards and really made the Saints respect the running game and helped open up the passing game very well yesterday. Stand up job yesterday guys. I'd love to see Ganther make this team next year by the way to.
Devin Thomas, MK, Fred Davis: Devin Thomas first of all what a beast performance. The man made plays all day long and even had a few good kick off returns. Not only was his confidence building every play he made but he actually looked like a starter today. MVP of the game if we won for sure. Malcom and Fred another solid game for you guys. Is anyone else not getting excited for the future of these guys? I think they are really finally coming along now.
Albert Haynesworth: The past few games teams have been running right at us and picking up yards. AH comes back into the lineup and that stops against one of the better running teams in the NFL. Absolutely made an impact yesterday just wish we got more hits and sacks on Brees. He helped stop the run which was a problem for the D the past few weeks. Great game AH.
Play-calling: Well I wish we wouldn't have gone conservative on the drive that Shaun missed the field goal but other than that I loved the play calls. The smoke screens to DT and Santana were very effective and we really let JC spread it around. We really sustained long drives and kept the Saints guessing. Some of the best offense we have had going back to last year around September.
Now its time for the Negatives.
Laron Landry: I hate on this kid all the time and I will keep hating on him hard until he proves to me that he is a professional free safety. I am praying for the day I see this happen. All he wants to do is get the big play, the highlight hit, the big interception. I hate to tell ya Laron but that doesn't happen to often. Play your damn position and stop biting like a fish on every deep ball thrown. Drew Brees and the rest of that recieving core has your jock if you were wondering where it was. I will admit you made some good tackles in the box and really attacked and helped limit the running game. But I'd rather see a solid player than an occasional great player which is what you are. Laron oozes with talent, the man is a great athlete but you act like a child. I think you and Fred Smoot honestly practice celebrating after ever tackle. I actualy saw you talking smack yesterday after they caught it for a first down and you made the tackle. You waved your hand in front of your face and nodded your head. What is that? I'll tell you what it is.. You were the 6th pick in the NFL draft 3 years ago, we passed on Adrian Peterson to draft you my friend. What have you done for us? Nothing. The Redskins need to check this guy at the door and either sit him or teach him something about being a free safety.
Shaun Suisham: I really didn't want to see you back on this list again this year. Not only did you lose the Dallas game for us or atleast have a major part in losing that game but you did it again yesterday. How do you feel honestly? The offense played it's ass off and asked for you to make a 23 yard field goal. High school field goal kickers think this a chip shot. Once again YOU GET PAID TO KICK FIELD GOALS!!! What do you do at practice every day. This blows my mind. I haven't seen a field goal kicker choke as much as I have seen this man choke the past few years. Who doesn't remember him missing the 36 yarder in Seattle to most likely move us to the NFC championship game. Cut him and bring back Raymer the remainder of the season. You are pathetic Shaun Suisham the biggest failure on this football team.
Other than that we played great yesterday. As a Redskin fan I saw a lot of bright spots for the future. The young guys are really stepping up and making plays. Everyone is fighting and I love to see that. Besides that I got nothing. Another week in the books.
Hail from Haupt

Monday, November 23, 2009

Redskins vs Dallas Game 1

In my opinion this was just a terrible game by both teams. It wasn't pretty to watch I don't care who your favorite team is. As of course you all know I could careless about Dallas and what their performance was but regardless they still won 7-6 in a game that the Redskins had the whole entire game. Here are my Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down of Week 11
Thumbs Up:
Rock Cartwright: Way to step in and really rack up some yards. Betts when down early in the game and Rock who is our third string running back really showed a lot of heart coming out and making a great effort. Running for 67 yards and recieving for 73 was a solid performance.
The Defense: Obviously they played a hell of a game. Without Albert Haynesworth the defensive line did all it could to stop the run, however without AH on the line we found it very difficult to pressure Romo. Also Rocky and London really need to stop hanging out with Carlos Rodgers and learn how to catch an interception. Rocky had a pick 6 early in the game if he could have came up with that ball. Besides that the defense really flexed its muscles and came up with some big stops and besides that last drive by Dallas played their ass off.
Laron Landry: All of you are probably scratching your head on why I am giving him a thumbs up but I'll tell you why. I am a Laron hater through and through I really think he is an overrated player that starts because of the fact that he is a high draft pick and we have a ton of money invested in this kid. Remember everyone we skipped on Adrian Peterson to draft this guy. However I never give him love and yesterday I think he really made a lot of good plays. He broke up some passes down the field that stopped drives and I saw him make a few good tackles. Honestly this kid has all the potential in the world I just wish he would stop going for the highlight hit every time.
Thumbs DOWN:
Offensive play-calling: WE ARE 3-6 ! Stop playcalling to "not lose" and play call to attack. There is nothing to lose. We have got to use these players and really try and attack downfield and open it up. I love Sherman Lewis and Sherman Smith and how they have helped our offense catch a groove and score points the last few weeks but yesterday was almost like watching Gibbs 2.0 offense a few years ago which was conservative. For instance why not go for the endzone before half with 15 seconds to go. Or hit the sideline for a few more yards so Suisham has a better shot. I just don't understand what is the idea of playing not to lose. We are a team not headed anywhere near the playoffs but we are calling plays that make no sense. Get the players involved especially the young ones and see where this team is headed the next few years.
Shaun Suisham: Wow dude I might go overboard with this but 2/4 and a 39 yard miss. If anyone knows me as a football fan I have no sympathy for kickers at all. You get paid millions to go to practice every single day, to go to training camp every single day, and kick footballs!!! Thats your job!. I can understand you missing the 50 yarder. Every kicker is going to have some problems with that. But I'm sorry in that stadium with no wind, no elements, and a sub 40 yard field goal attempt lined up right down the middle and you miss it. PATHETIC! Someone else can feel sorry for you but I won't. You are not a high school kicker nor a college kicker who in my eyes sometimes will miss those kicks. I'm a Virginia Tech fan and their kicker who is a walk on mind you kicks these in his sleep. You are a professional football player, a professional has no excuse to miss those. Absolutely tore me up yesterday to see you miss that. What a momentum swing for Dallas. I will throw you a bone for the 50 yarder but I hate to be mean but you have the talent to make that too.
And a big thumbs down to any Redskin fan who honestly and truely believes that Jason Campbell is the reason this team is doing so horrible. You have to be a complete idiot to see that this team is the way it is because of so many reasons. I will admit JC is most likely not the answer for our QB position, yes he hold the ball to long, yes he isn't a West Coast Quarterback but let me put it to you this way. Statistically he is the #16 ranked QB in the NFL. With a higher completion percentage than Eli Manning and Carson Palmer who are ranked #15 and #14 by the way. He QB rating is 86.1 which isn't spectacular but it is solid. The offensive line has allowed 28 sacks to Jason some are Jason's fault but most are because of the offensive line. 28 sacks! Thats the third highest in the NFL. This all falls on coaching, play calling, lack of dicipline, offensive line talent and depth, and injuries. If no one does remember we are without our All-Pro lineman Chris Samuels, also our Pro Bowl Tight End Chris Cooley, Clinton Portis, Randy Thomas, and we also just lost Ladell Betts to a torn ACL and MCL. Anyone that says this is all JC I honesty don't think you are a true Redskin fan or you just don't open your eyes to see what the real problem is. Hey fact: Guess who is the only team to not draft an Offensive Lineman in the draft since 2001???? I'll give you one guess.
Lets get the Boys next time
Hail From Haupt

Monday, November 16, 2009

We Won

I took a break from this blogging thing not because I wanted to just because well I was tired of writing the same stuff week after week. The Redskins obviously have been embarrassing and it was getting ridiculous seeing the same problems over and over. Well we beat the Broncos and actually looked fairly good but heres my Thumbs up and Thumbs down for the game.

Thumbs Up:

Ladell Betts! Great job. The Redskins finally proved that this offense does not revolve around Clinton Portis. I like Portis I have no problems with him except this proves that Portis isn't as great as everyone expects him to be. And to be completely honest why did Betts get any kind of hate before these last two games! The kid can run the football. He not only runs, hard but he runs with a chip on his shoulder, and he protects the ball. Betts played his ass off yesterday alongside Rock Cartwright who also ran the ball solid.

Recievers: I was so pleased to see that everyone was making contributions on offense. It was awesome to see Fred Davis, Malcom Kelly, and DT making some plays out there. I loved how Jason spread the ball around to these guys which really helped our running attack develop during the game.

Danny Smith: What an insane fake field goal! I loved it. We took a timeout to run it which made it even more ridiculous but what a play. At that point in the game I honestly think Redskin fans wanted to give Hunter Smith a snap or two at QB haha. Joke only. But seriously nice throw Hunter it was money.

Orakpo: The kid impresses me every week. I love him why isn't he a DE i'll never know but he is showing a great impact and he will be the future of this defense.

Thumbs Down:

Pass Defense: Letting a guy wide open for a TD one time... okay it happens. Letting it happen twice not acceptable. Your an NFL defense, the #1 pass defense supposedely, you can't let that happen ever. Pathetic. If it wasn't for our offense holding the ball so long, and Orton getting hurt this game would have went the other way.

Sean Suisham: Yes you made your field goals congrats thats your job. But 2 kick offs out of bounds to give Denver great field position that just plain sucks. You get paid a lot of money to keep it between the goal posts, and to keep it inbounds. What do you do at practice everyday??

Secondary: I honestly can't harp on this enough. Carlos Rodgers just isn't getting it done. I'm glad he got benched even though it was for Smoot who I can't stand either. Reed Doughty besides the fumble recovery looked out of the loop the entire day. The whole secondary really just didn't play well. They picked up some slack later but those 2 big plays really hurt us.

Run Defense: If the Redskins offense did not keep the Time of Possession on their side yesterday, the Broncos would have won this game. They ran down our throats all game long. I'm sorry but with all the money we spent on this line why the hell can we not stop the run?

Besides everything we won the game, and actually looked pretty good. The O-line who I hate on every week did not play that great to other team standards but for us they played solid. Only 3 sacks allowed isn't bad considering the structure of our line at the moment. Great win Skins lets keep it up!

Hail from Haupt

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Being a 2009 Redskins Fan

Being a Redskins fan right now is about as bad as.. well anything at this point. At 2-4 we are looking from the bottom up and only sinking more. To be completely honest I couldn't see this coming from a mile away. I mean of course we all knew the offensive line had weak depth and we all had our questions, but seriously??? It wasn't to long ago that I was sitting down watching preseason games just dying to see how good this team was going to be. The entire summer hearing the same things everyday on television about how camp was going to looking on The Warpath everyday to see if something was new and it finally came to an end on Week 1 vs the Giants. The anticipation was finally over. We lost 23-17.. okay well whatever it was the Giants, they did win the Superbowl, and it was an away game. I blew it off. No big deal. Now I am sitting here after Week 6 knowing this season is over. Week 6! We have a Monday Night game versus Philly which 3 months ago I was marking on my calendar as a big game for us. I am hear to say right now that I feel for every single damn true Redskin fan. These are hard times and they aren't getting better. I mean who wasn't excited for this season. We actually had a young coach that was here for more than 1 year, Albert Haynesworth, Brian Orakpo, and a 4th ranked Defense returning that actually could improve. Jason Campbell in the same offense with 3 young potential stars to buff up are offense. What was there not to get excited for! As a fan I really thought this would be an amazing year. I really thought we had potential and I of course probably thought this a little more than the average Redskin fan but still I never saw this coming. We now are at Ground Zero no doubt about it. Zorn will be gone, Sherman Lewis hasn't even been here 2 weeks and just 3 weeks ago he was calling out bingo numbers for seniors at bingo night. He now is running our offense. Campbell benched last week after showing no improvement whatsoever. Chris Samuels our Pro-Bowl stud done for maybe his career. Chris Cooley maybe the only bright light on offense this year stuck to blocking with no receptions last week just to help our pathetic offensive line. Malcom Kelly, Devin Thomas, Fred Davis.. where are you? Our running game haha yeah right. To the defense well its been fine nothing to jump up and down about but fine. 5 sacks last game thats great! After playing against 5 winless teams in a row we should have the best defense in the league right now don't feel to great about yourselves. Albert is he really worth 100 million now.. just wish some of that could go to a offensive line. So to be a fan right now of the Washington Redskins well its shitty plain and simple. If your a season ticket holder God Bless You. I talked to my Dad the other night who has brought me up as a Redskin's fan ever since I was born and he said that he has seen some rough years and a lot of rough times but this is about as bad as it gets. We are on a path to mediocricy for a long time unless something drastically changes. That starts with Danny and we all know it. Unless he changes we will never change simple as that. This franchise, this team, these fans deserve so much more than what we are getting. I don't think we all expect Super Bowls every season, I mean even missing the playoffs some years do happen, but to be the laughing stock of the NFL doesn't feel to good. Not when these fans are the best in the NFL. This may sound like a rant and it is because it is very depressing. It is for the fact that this season wasn't just another season this was something that was supposed to be special and now it seems like a nightmare. This was like getting hit by a train that you never saw coming. Who knows what we are going to do with this team or where they are headed, I wish I had the answer. I just know it starts from the top. To write blogs about this team is tough just because there is nothing new to write week in and week out. Nothing new except changes that everyone knew were coming and results that are always the same. But for now lets get through this miserable season that most likely won't get any better and try and salvage something out of this not so special 2009 season.

Hail from a not so happy Haupt

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Embarrassment: Week 5 Redskins at Panthers

What to say... what to say? A pretty embarrassing game if you ask me. I guess I'm at the point now where even though it is week 5 and yes we are 2-3 and of course there is always a chance to rebound that there is no way this team will get better. What you see is what you get with the Redskins and I see no signs of improvement anytime soon. Here are my highs and lows of Week 5
- Defensive Line: All in all I think they got pretty good pressure on Delhomme causing fumbles and getting sacks. Besides letting Jonathen Stewart run all over them for a touchdown they did a solid job.
Lows: I can't even make a list about the Lows of this team in this game. The offensive line absolutely killed us today, giving Jason no time to throw the football and when he did have time no wide recievers gave any kind of seperation. Chris Cooley never touched the ball? He is 4th in the NFC in receptions GIVE HIM THE BALL! Clinton Portis might as well be obselete and did he really put an oxygen mask on after a 1 yard dive for a touchdown? Brian Orakpo I love you brother but linebacker is not your spot. Please Greg let him rush the passer. He was so effective today rushing the passer and thats where he should be everydown. That SAM linebacker experiment = epic fail. DeAngelo Hall I know you had an interception today nice job, but what the hell are you doing? 3rd and 8 with no timeouts down by 3 you have to make that tackle. A quarterback ran by you for a first down to end the game. Were paying you that much money to play like that? Pathetic... Jason Campbell well I know your line gave you no help whatsoever, however when you did have time I just wish you would double clutch. Either throw it or not, and if you do heaven forbid take a sack hold on to the ball please! Mike Sellers I honestly think you took what Clinton said to heart, some of the most uninspired blocking I have ever seen in my life. Malcom Kelly and Devin Thomas: Maybe I am getting this all wrong, maybe you guys are open but Jason just doesn't give you the ball. Yes I saw you catch a few 5 yard passes, but I can't stand watching the Eagles rookie Jeremy Maclin catch 2 TD's for 150 yards while I see our 2 sophmore recievers catch 2 balls a game. I can't stand this, what a waste of draft picks. Fred Davis: Stop leaving your feet. Offensive Line: I understand Chris Samuels got hurt but wow it seemed like every play action that was ran there were atleast 4 white jerseys eating Campbells lunch. Stephen Heyer looked like he had never blocked before in his life. Same for Batiste you played awful today buddy. Just an all around bad game. This team just keeps on looking worse. I know I am ranting and it is useless but some changes have to be made. Lets hope we find something quick because well we need it.
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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Boston College @ #5 Virginia Tech

Talk about a trap game for Virginia Tech. If Duke wasn't enough of a scare this might top it. I haven't heard a lot of talk about this game which gets me a bit nervous. I'll admit the Hokies should not drop this game at Lane Stadium. However for some reason Boston College always seems to give us a fit in the regular season. If every Hokie doesn't remember that tragic game against #2 ranked B.C where we had the game won in the miserable pouring rain just to have that last second heave to destroy any chance of going to a national title game. Well we did avenge that loss later in the ACC title game but thats not the point. To elevate their status as an elite football program, VT has to win and win out to have a shot at going to Pasedena this year. Boston College has a very stingy defense this year, with a surprise star in their newly found QB. BC can beat the Hokies if we have a letdown and are not ready for what they are going to bring to the table. Good ol' Duke gave us a run for our money last week I hope that was a wake up call that week in and week out in the ACC is no joke. You have to be ready for a battle everytime. Boston College wants love and they will get it if we don't have our guard ready. I'm looking for a complete Defensive effort today. What a piss poor showing of Bud Foster's D last week. The offense carried us???!!??!?!! Well I hope Bud inspired them this week because we need the D to cause some turnovers, get this QB uncomfortable, get sacks and stop the run. The offense has to keep improving, they are playing well but they still need to improve. This is a huge game lets not look ahead to Georgia Tech to soon.