Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Being a 2009 Redskins Fan

Being a Redskins fan right now is about as bad as.. well anything at this point. At 2-4 we are looking from the bottom up and only sinking more. To be completely honest I couldn't see this coming from a mile away. I mean of course we all knew the offensive line had weak depth and we all had our questions, but seriously??? It wasn't to long ago that I was sitting down watching preseason games just dying to see how good this team was going to be. The entire summer hearing the same things everyday on television about how camp was going to looking on The Warpath everyday to see if something was new and it finally came to an end on Week 1 vs the Giants. The anticipation was finally over. We lost 23-17.. okay well whatever it was the Giants, they did win the Superbowl, and it was an away game. I blew it off. No big deal. Now I am sitting here after Week 6 knowing this season is over. Week 6! We have a Monday Night game versus Philly which 3 months ago I was marking on my calendar as a big game for us. I am hear to say right now that I feel for every single damn true Redskin fan. These are hard times and they aren't getting better. I mean who wasn't excited for this season. We actually had a young coach that was here for more than 1 year, Albert Haynesworth, Brian Orakpo, and a 4th ranked Defense returning that actually could improve. Jason Campbell in the same offense with 3 young potential stars to buff up are offense. What was there not to get excited for! As a fan I really thought this would be an amazing year. I really thought we had potential and I of course probably thought this a little more than the average Redskin fan but still I never saw this coming. We now are at Ground Zero no doubt about it. Zorn will be gone, Sherman Lewis hasn't even been here 2 weeks and just 3 weeks ago he was calling out bingo numbers for seniors at bingo night. He now is running our offense. Campbell benched last week after showing no improvement whatsoever. Chris Samuels our Pro-Bowl stud done for maybe his career. Chris Cooley maybe the only bright light on offense this year stuck to blocking with no receptions last week just to help our pathetic offensive line. Malcom Kelly, Devin Thomas, Fred Davis.. where are you? Our running game haha yeah right. To the defense well its been fine nothing to jump up and down about but fine. 5 sacks last game thats great! After playing against 5 winless teams in a row we should have the best defense in the league right now don't feel to great about yourselves. Albert is he really worth 100 million now.. just wish some of that could go to a offensive line. So to be a fan right now of the Washington Redskins well its shitty plain and simple. If your a season ticket holder God Bless You. I talked to my Dad the other night who has brought me up as a Redskin's fan ever since I was born and he said that he has seen some rough years and a lot of rough times but this is about as bad as it gets. We are on a path to mediocricy for a long time unless something drastically changes. That starts with Danny and we all know it. Unless he changes we will never change simple as that. This franchise, this team, these fans deserve so much more than what we are getting. I don't think we all expect Super Bowls every season, I mean even missing the playoffs some years do happen, but to be the laughing stock of the NFL doesn't feel to good. Not when these fans are the best in the NFL. This may sound like a rant and it is because it is very depressing. It is for the fact that this season wasn't just another season this was something that was supposed to be special and now it seems like a nightmare. This was like getting hit by a train that you never saw coming. Who knows what we are going to do with this team or where they are headed, I wish I had the answer. I just know it starts from the top. To write blogs about this team is tough just because there is nothing new to write week in and week out. Nothing new except changes that everyone knew were coming and results that are always the same. But for now lets get through this miserable season that most likely won't get any better and try and salvage something out of this not so special 2009 season.

Hail from a not so happy Haupt

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  1. Yall's best guess is to look towards the draft...